Overpowered Overhaul

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With requests and looking toward the future, I have finally made what I call a “progressive work of passion”.

The changes below you will find, are in a variety of different locations (throughout the Editor), but they are related in my mind.

I believe Skyrim is *made to be modded*… I only hope that if you enjoy this mod, that you please endorse, or leave feedback.

Question: What does this mod do?

Answer: It’s simple. It changes stats, for balance, challenge, and immersion (in that order).

Question: What can I expect to experience differently if I use this mod?

Answer: Attributes are raised significantly for starters; Basic Weapon statistics have been buffed a significant amount to reflect the balance requirement part of the Q/A ~ See example, Question #1

Let’s address the interesting parts of this mod, one sub-mod at a time.

From now on, when the “All-in-One” main mod hits a new level of design, I will re-upload as well as any parts upon request.

Natural Alchemy ~ This mod was requested as an upload on PS4, I will do that ASAP as per req. 🙂

Predetermined ~ Racial Statistics, e.g. Attributes, Powers, Passive Abilities

Drinks on Me! ~ Food/Drink (DRINKS FINISHED!) Food’s still getting ready, please be patient.

Mini-Mod Announcement ~ Variance

(The main idea of this mod is to change the types of projectile weapons, bolts & arrows (+ *maybe* Magick) into something more unique, desirable.

Post-traumatic ~ Weapons, Offensive Spells.

Dramatic ~ Armors, Defensive Spells

Original URL: https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/98299

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