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– Description AKA reading –

This mod allows full customizable control of every movement state individually, weapon swing speeds for every single weapon in the game (including any mod added weapons), and control time at the press of a hotkey. 

All features are toggleable and configurable individually via an MCM menu


The options you set will affect every single NPC/werewolf/vampire lord/horse in the game!!

**Bonus: script only has to run once on game load/config menu close**

[/size]Current Configurable Speeds:

**Fully supports controllers**

OnFoot: (Walk, Run, Sprint)

OnFoot-Sneak: (Walk, Run)

Horseback: (Walk, Run, Sprint)

Vampire Lord: (Walk, Run, Sprint)

Werewolf: (Walk, Run, Sprint)

Strafe and Backpedal multiplier


Settings for any weapon you use will affect any NPC that uses the said weapon/type.

Enabling for NPC’s will set the weapon speeds for every NPC’s equipped weapon when you enter a location or re-equip your own weapon.

Any unsupported mod can be handled via the “Custom” weapons.

Just enter the weapons name in one of the custom slots and set the swing speed for it.

Most popular weapon mods are pre-supported.

eg. Animated Armoury, Immersive Weapons, etc.


Allows you to set the slow time ability to the push of a customizable key-bind. 


Temporarily modify your own weapon swing speed during the ability

Decide if the ability drains mana, stamina, or both. And how much.

Choose if the slow time shout being unlocked is required to use the ability.


- Requirements –



- Complimentary Mods –

Classic Sprinting Redone (SKSE64)

Better Jumping SE

– Note for Oldrim users –

Your version was a backport that I very minimally tested.

Theoretically, as I didn’t use anything SSE specific in Papyrus or SKSE,

it should function identically to the SSE version but fair warning.

– Credit where credit is due –


Thank you for helping with my first DLL! Her name is linked, go give her mod “Look What You See” some support. Her source wasn’t used but learning SKSE DLL making is confusing and I wouldn’t have been able to figure it out so easily without her source code to reference.

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