Pahmar Playable Race – Add-On To Mihail’s Mod

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Original Mod: (MihailMods)

Pahmar Mercenaries- Outlanders (mihail immersive-addons- khajiit- elsweyr)


Mess around with Race Menu / Sculpter to remove the vanilla eyes if they happen to show up on all the pahmar races & bother you. Only three should have eyes and a jaw, and three without – players choice if they want to try and use Race Menu / Sculpter  to position them for realism on the pahmars face for the ones that do. Even if they do show up, they can barely be noticed anyway.

Unarmed damage gets a huge boost.

This time around I simply added the Pahmar as a playable race, so this is not a stand alone. You’ll still encounter enemy Pahmars wherever they may show up, and the sword is still available for use.


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