Pandorable’s Lucien replacer

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A simple replacer for Treacleman’s Lucien. I had edited his appearance slightly for personal use and decided to share it, with Treacleman’s permission. I did my best not to stray too far from Lucien’s original look so that it would still feel like him. 

Just like the original, this version uses all vanilla assets – meaning that Lucien will use whatever body/skin/eyes/brows/beard/hair mods you have installed. This also means he will look different depending on what mods you have. In the screenshots I use Superior Lorefriendly Hair, Eyes of Beauty, Beards, Brows and the standard SoS skin. 



Install using a mod manager of your choice or manually extract the contents to your Data folder. Requires Lucien – Fully Voiced Follower and its requirements. This is just a mesh replacer and is compatible with any version of Lucien, and can be installed or uninstalled at any time. 


Lucien – Fully Voiced Follower by treacleman

Don’t forget to download and endorse the original mod, as well as check out Treacleman’s other work!

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