Pandorable’s NPCs Dawnguard – Salt and Wind Textures

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SE version here

Adds Salt and Wind textures for Pandorable’s NPCs Dawnguard

You can also get these textures for

Vanilla hair

KS Hairdo’s (SE link – Download manually)


Bijin Family [/size]

The Ordinary Women[/url][/size]

Pandorable’s NPCs

Males of Skyrim[/size]

The Men of Winter[/size]


Pandorable’s NPCs – Dawnguard


Install with a Mod Manager (Recommended)

Take the texture folder and paste it in your data folder


Uninstall this mod with a mod manager to get the original textures back (Recommended)

Though you can also reinstall the original mod

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Thanks to jasperthegnome for the the original and hair resource on Salt and Wind – Rough Hair for KS Hairdos[/size]

Thanks to Adobe for Photoshop

Original URL:

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