Paper-colored local map

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This is a basic recolor for the local map to better match any paper world map mods you may have installed.

The image was taken with the paper version of A Quality World Map and Rampage ENB. Please note that while some ENBs will tint the world map, the local map will be unaffected.


    [*]SkyUI is required.

    [*]Mods that alter the look of SkyUI, such as SkyUI-Away, will function with my mod so long as mine is loaded afterwards. However, any changes they make to the map screen will be reverted back to the SkyUI default. Graphical weirdness in the UI menus may result.

    [*]The local map is stored in the same file as map markers, so this mod is incompatible with most if not all map marker mods (Flat Map Markers is compatible).


Users are free to edit and share this mod or combine it with other mods so long as their files are available for free and they include a link back here.

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