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Disclaimer: this is my very first mod for Skyrim. Please take that into accout when posting your comments. Moreover, this is my first ever upload to Nexus Mods, I might mess up in some places, please be understanding with that. Thank you!

Papich, the day you were born, the very forests of Lordaeron whispered the name Velichayshiy.

This mod acts as any follower mod would, just adds Papich to Skyrim based on Wraith King from Dota 2.

Since Papich has a deep connection with the one true King – Wraith King from Dota 2, his abilities are based on that exact character.

This mod features:

    [*]Fully voiced Papich follower;

    [*]Wraith King’s Wraithfire Blast skill (aka stun) that Papich can cast;

    [*]Wraith King’s critical strike skill (passive crit effect) that Papich has. This ability triggers certain reaction when it procs;

    [*]Wraith King’s Reincarnation (when Papich dies – he gets resurrected. Velichayshiy is immortal!);

Known bugs:

    [*]Logically finishing a dialogue does not close a dialogue window;

    [*]When Papich gets resurrected his outfit disappears for a couple of seconds, making him naked. This is because his inventory gets reset when he is resurrected, to avoid that I needed to store his items elsewhere for the duration of resurrection and give it back to him when he is resurrected. This is absoutely fine!

    [*]Papich spams his stun spell instead of waiting for a cooldown. Since Skyrim does not have spell cooldowns this is the case for now, until I find a way to put it on a cooldown.

Plans for future:

    [*]Add more voice lines;

    [*]Replace default armor with Wraith King armor (would appreciate any help with porting armor meshes to Skyrim);

    [*]Probably add a quest;

    [*]Bug fixes;

    [*]Tidy up Nexus mod page;

    [*]Upload to Steam Workshop;

If you are passionate about this mod:

Please, do not pressure me if you ever want more to this mod. It took me 2-3 months to do research from scratch and get into modding. I am currently working on my University project and the modding is more like a hobby of mine. I do it when I have free time.

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