Paramount – FPS and Fixes Galore

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Note – This mod is highly compatible with other mods as this mod pack contains only loose files.

[font=Courier New]F E A T U R E S[/font]

[font=Trebuchet MS]- A duplicate texture used in Whiterun has now been fixed. Reduces VRAM usage in Whiterun, thereby greatly increasing performance.

– Candlelight spell has now been fixed; reduces difference between sprite brightness when viewed in 3rd person and 1st person.

– Body model-space normal maps have been optimised, allowing great performance when in combat.

– The LOD file for ALL architecture in the game has been optimised for great detail and performance.

– Smoke in loading screens and main menu has been removed.

– Bethesda logo in main menu has been removed.

– Oily hair has now been fixed; specularity of vanilla hair has been fixed. (Compatible with hair mods)

– 3D floating dust in interiors and dungeons has been removed.

– Ambient and repetitive, looped sound files heard in dungeons have been removed.

– Camera-attached fog, flying aspen leaves, pine needles and dripping water has been removed.

– Big blurry snowflakes have been removed.

– Underwater grass and small pebbles on land have been removed.

– Ugly thickets and shrubs have been removed.

– Blue swirls/distortion effects implemented when characters absorb a spell effect have been removed.

– Weird and buggy torch glow has been removed.

– Interior and dungeon fog has been removed.

– Plants and flowers have been resized to smaller textures. (No visible difference between original textures and resized ones)

– Smoke has been removed.

– Ugly ice floes have been removed.

– Snow and rain particles have been resized. (No visible difference between original textures and resized ones)

– Falling aspen leaves and pine needles have been removed.

– Ugly shiny lines on the skin of people and vampires have been removed.

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