Paramount – Miniscule Tri-Fix

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[font=Courier New]Note: Do not use if using Paramount – Tweaks and FX

F I X E S[/font] 

[font=Lucida Sans Unicode](1)[/font] [font=Lucida Sans Unicode]Adds missing ‘Vampire Gauntlets’ to the outfits/inventories of vampires. Also brings the boots’ armor class in line with the gauntlets, just like every

      other piece of armor.

[/font][font=Lucida Sans Unicode](2) [/font][font=Lucida Sans Unicode]Removes a conditional where a large portion of the Vampire Lord’s drain damage will not trigger if Serana is your follower.[/font]

[font=Lucida Sans Unicode](3) Fixes the activation triggers of display cases added by the Hearthfire DLC.

[/font][font=Verdana]OBSOLETE MODS[/font]

[font=Tahoma] – Dawnguard Gauntlets Fix – Vampire Lord drain with Serana fixed – Hearthfire Display Case Fix – Unofficial Hearthfire Patch Edition


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