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[font=Georgia]Note: ‘Paramount – Tweaks and FX’ has been broken down into this module + ‘Paramount – Miniscule Tri-Fix’. If you want features of both mods + several 

             more, download ‘Paramount – Tweaks and FX’. Some features like ‘Remove NPC Sidestep’ and ‘Reduce Crime Detection Radius’ are ONLY available

             in ‘Paramount – Tweaks and FX’.[/size][/font]

[font=Courier New]F E A T U R E [/font][font=Courier New]S

- Removes torches from ALL guards. This effectively increases performance and reduces light

  flickering issues. A module without this feature is available

– Removes ALL radial blur, including blur from deathcams, killcams, etc. This also

  increases performance.

– Removes the ugly tint which gets implemented upon the use of an absorb spell, by either the

  player character or any NPC. 

– Removes glowing edges of the player character and NPC’s when either uses a spell like ‘Healing’

  or ‘Flame Cloak’ etc.


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