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Features :-

– All Radial Blur from the game has been removed; no more blur in killcams, deathcams and during gameplay, in general.

– When a spell like “Healing” is used, characters have a glowing edge around them. This mod removes that glow.

– All absorb spells and enchantments no longer display an annoying tint effect. The absorption funnel has not been altered.

– Sovngarde is now snowfall-free; no more pesky snowflakes are visible there.

– Activators have now been added to all display cases in Hearthfire homes.

– All guards no longer use torches at night. They should not run around with indicators of their presence!

  This modification also fixes some engine-related light-flicker issues when there are many light sources present in one area.

– A conditional concerning Serana and the “Drain” spell has been removed. If Serana is your follower, the “Drain” spell becomes very weak.

  This has now been fixed.

– Vampire Gauntlets have now been added to Vampires’ outfits. Also, the boots’ armour class is now in line with the gauntlets like every other armour.

– The idiotic spin-dance upon being killed has now been removed for Player and NPC’s.

– The random “Wizard’s Dual” quest has now been disabled as it was broken. If you declined the magic brawl, he would still attack you.

– Bounty for murder is now 10,000 septims. Bounties for assault, trespassing, pickpocketing, escaping, and turning into a werewolf are 5x higher.

– Sidestep has now been removed! (You know what I’m talking about)

– Torch’s light radius has been increased.

– All ores and ingots now weigh 3 instead of 1.

– Guards now attack hired thugs instead of watching them maul you.

– Smeltering ores and tanning leather now increases the Smithing skill.

– Cooking levels Alchemy, because cooking requires some amount of knowledge in the field of Alchemy.

– Once a skill is legendary, resetting it will make it level 30 instead of 15.

– All merchants not already set as ‘Essential’ have been set to ‘Protected’. (Except for Nurelion due to a quest)

– Player and NPC’s can blink. (In third person, not first)

– Followers now use the bow you have given to them instead of that stupid Hunting Bow which can never be removed from their inventory.

– NPC’s no longer randomly greet you. If NPC’s are in a conversation, they continue. Enemies will continue to provocate you.

– Followers move further when you “hustle” them. No longer will you be trapped in a doorway or a corner!

– Increased the price of renting a room to 45 septims because there is a Civil War going on and shit is hard to come by.

– Raised carriage prices from 20 septims to 50 and 75 septims to 155 for the same reason as higher room costs.

– Lockpicks can now be crafted in bundles of 25 at the forge.

– Weight of leather changed from 2 to 1 so that 4 leather strips, changed from .1 to .25, weigh the same as a leather piece

– Animals can no longer report crimes because that was just plain stupid.

– The detecting crime radius has been reduced from 4000 to 1000. Now the guard in Whiterun can’t see you stealing a gold purse in Falkreath.

– The detection and pursuit radius of the enemies has been reduced from 2500 to 1250. So you won’t get the message “You can not do this while in combat.” just because a retarded mudcrab saw you hopping around 5 minutes ago.

– Quest rewards are now actually rewards as you’re putting your darn life in danger!!


    1] Killing bandits – 210 septims.

    2] Killing Forsworn – 250 septims.

    3] Killing giants – 850 septims

    4] Killing dragons – 2100 septims.


Report any bugs if found.

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