PC Head Tracking Voice Pack – Male Argonian

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This is the Male Argonian Voice Pack for the “Build Your Own Voice” feature of the PC Head Tracking and Voice Type mod by HHaleyy. The mod has added a lot of immersion for the game when your character can turn head and look at people/things around them instead of just staring blankly ahead all the time. The voice feature is also amazing, as your character now can also greet and reply some simple words to people instead of being completely mute.

But a custom voice pack is required for combat voice to work, and so far I haven’t seen any being done for male Argonians. Hence, I went ahead and did it by myself, with the help of a very useful tool Lazy Voice Finder by BowmoreLover.

All the voice are vanilla, extracted from the game’s plugins themselves. Now you can enjoy being a livelier marsh-dweller guy with actual voice and taunts while fighting as well as in some other events (so far included: sneaking, greeting, lockpicking, opening journal/map).

Requirements: PC Head Tracking and Voice Type Installation

1. (PREFERRED) Use your mod manager (NMM, MO, Vortex,…) to download and install. If you are asked to overwrite, press the “Yes to all” button (files that get overwritten are the same .txt files that came from the PC Head Tracking and Voice Type mod).

2. Manually install by unzipping the .zip file anywhere on your computer. Then copy the “Data” folder inside it to paste into your Skyrim directory.


1. (PREFERRED) Use your mod manager to uninstall.

2. Manually uninstall by going to SkyrimDataSoundfxPC Head Tracking and delete ONLY the .wav files in the sub-folders (01.wav to 05.wav or 01.wav to 10.wav). Do not delete any folders or .txt files, just the .wav files.


It is recommended, although not mandatory, to change the “Custom voice” volume to maximum in Audio setting and set the percentage for Combat category’s voices to be played to 75% in B.Y.O. Voice Type section of PC Head Tracking in MCM (examples presented in Images section)

Original URL: https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/95958

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