PD Inn’s Bath

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About PD Inn’s Bath Make changes to the interior of the inn, and then add the bath.

The interior of the bathroom is different for each hotel.

There is a shower room separate from the bathtub.

Make the foot of the shower room water.

-Correspond to Mod to add the concept of dirt-



Change the following inn.

01: Morthal Moorside

02: Kynesgrove Braidwood

03: Winterhold TheFrozenHearth

04: Dawnstar Windpeak

05: Nightgate

06: DragonBridge FourShields

07: Rorikstead Frostfruit

08: Riverwood SleepingGiant

09: OldHroldan

10: Falkreath DeadMansDrink

11: Ivarstead Vilemyr


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