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A lot of you have without a doubt encountered the drawback of custom armors from fellow modders not counting towards the bonuses from Armor Perks. A shame if your awesome armor mod has no helmet (or just don’t want to use it), or if you think bracers are cooler than gloves. But also wearing to many pieces of armor can break your Perk Bonus because the game looks for EXACTLY four pieces of armor.

With this simple mod you will be free of this burden.

What exactly does it do?

It modifies the following Perks:

Light Armor Perk Tree:

    [*]Custom Fit; it now requires 4 (or more) pieces of Light Armor regardless of equipped slot

    [*]Matching Set; it now allows for more than the minimum of 4 pieces of Light Armor to be worn

    [*]Deft Movement; same requirement change as Custom Fit

Heavy Armor Perk Tree: 

    [*]Cushioned; it now requires 4 (or more) pieces of Heavy Armor regardless of equipped slot

    [*]Well Fitted; same requirement change as Cushioned

    [*]Matching Set; it now allows for more than the minimum of 4 pieces of Heavy Armor to be worn

    [*]Reflect Blows; same requirement change as Cushioned

Both Matching Set perks use the 25% adjustment already included in other fixes because it will be loaded after update.esm and/or USLEEP.

What does it NOT do?

It still won’t allow you to mix and match Heavy AND Light Armor, the game checks for it. I did not change this for sake of lore, and to preserve the intent of the game. It seems shields are not calculated in the Light Armor Tree, but I’m unsure about the Heavy Armor Tree (anyone testing this, feel free to make a note). Matching Set (both) still requires at least 4 pieces of the same material type. Some custom armors may not include keywords the game is looking for, this mod can’t fix that.


This allows you to mix and match all your favorite armors (of the same type) without worrying about your unlocked Perks. A lot of custom armors use slots other than the vanilla ones, which could potentially diminish your overall experience with both the mod and the game itself when your bonuses don’t proc as intended. No Helmet? No Problem! Two separate pieces of body armor? Two slots counted as equipped towards your Perk Buff!  It integrates the creative vision of modders into the game. 

Possible conflicts:

Any mod loaded after this one which also changes mentioned Perks or dependencies.

To Do:

I tested the effects on Light Armors, and it seems to work as intended (honestly I did not test every armor or combinations, as long as the ‘Light Armor’ keyword is present it should work). I’m going out on a limb assuming Heavy Armor works the same. I’m still looking into the bonuses added by the “Nightingale” and “Shrouded” armors, I’m unsure how the game checks for these sets. I think it has to do with the Matched Set Perk, since that is the only reference I can find in CK. If this is the case, there is no other option than making sure the correct keywords are used in custom armors containing pieces from this armor (but should work in any slot provided it uses Matching Set as criteria). More info, tips and help on this is highly appreciated.

A few things I could use help with to finalize this mod:

    [*]Windwalker -> I’m a bit puzzled how this perk procs it’s buff, it seems to only rely on “Unhindered” and the player’s light armor skill when looking in CK. The effect of stamina regen increase is also listed as ‘Constant Effect’ in CK. Does it proc with 4 or more (or less??) pieces of light armor, or is it always activ when you have this perk? If so, I will adjust the perk description.

    [*]Matching Set -> Keywords may have to be added to accommodate Light Armors from mods using Heavy Armor materials (i.e. Daedric). Let me know if thereare any so I can add them.

    [*]Nightingale and Shrouded armor, plenty of mods providing alternatives, but I can’t seem to find how the game checks for a “full set”.

    [*]Any information about instability, incompatibility, or otherwise game breaking events due to this mod.

Have fun in Tamriel,


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