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Pickaxe Redone

By Billyro

Replaces the vanilla pickaxe with a new model made from scratch. It’s longer and thinner than the vanilla pickaxe, which I find looks more visually appealing. There is an optional file that replaces the pickaxe “weapon” with a two-handed version. There is another optional file that removes the wraps on the wooden shaft, if you prefer that look.

You can preview the model in real-time here: Sketchfab


Will conflict with any mods that replace the pickaxe model.

Certain ore deposits may not line up with the new pickaxe, since it’s longer than the vanilla one.


Copy the contents of the archive to your SkyrimData folder. Overwrite files if prompted. If you downloaded the two-handed optional file, activate the .esp in the Skyrim launcher. That’s it! Alternatively, you can download with NMM and activate it through that.


Send me a message before using or redistributing. 


Humus, cubemap base.

TOOLS USED: 3DS Max 2018, NifSkope 2.0, Paint.NET, Photoshop CS6, Substance Painter 2018, Knald, Creation Kit and TES5Edit.

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