Play As a BARD (Playable Instruments Play and Bash Update (ELAF VERSION))

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Playable Instruments – Play and Bash (ELAF VERSION)

Based on wgstein (see original for permissions tags)

In this version

you are still able to play the instruments and gain rewards (more gold than the original) but, you can only play once per day

also, there is a chance to gain a extra speech level when play (very rare, for the people who uses leveling mods like SkyrimXP that disables the progress bar)

all instruments can be equipped as shields (left hand) leaving the right to fight (and visible when running with them equipped)

Flute improve Speech +10 and Illusion +10

Lute improve Speech +10 and One-Hand +10

Drum improve Speech +10 and Block +10

you can craft the playable instruments using the vanilla ones (the more Speech perk you have, the easiest Forge Formula will result)

I also reccomend use this with Immersive Speechcraft.

and you will be able to play as a BARD in a complete way.

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