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Welcome to my new creation. I call it playable falmer. Theres already an existing falmer mod but this one will have more features. including at least 4 different falmer models to play with.

Starting the mod, you will be greeted with 2 new races. A single Falmer and A Frozen Falmer. 2 races with 4 different models to play with.

Before we began you will need this mod for this mod to work: – > RaceCompatibility for Skyrim and Dawnguard

So you will have a male and female falmer along with all their gear to be craftable. You will have an reused model of the same mesh but it will be with frozen textures. Male frozen falmers will explode in pieces when they die.

For males when you turn into a vampire your model will dramatically change shape into a more vampire like look. they will feature sharp teeth and whatever else a vampire will have, females will not have a different vampire model tho. As far as i know the non frozen male vampire isnt used in the game. probably im not sure.

Now for spells and powers you a list of summonable falmer weapon/armor. You can summon random falmer creature, sometimes they arent friendly towards people. You will have a power spell that lets you poison your weapon. some optional poor vision effect in 1st person. “blind” does nothing to you but only npcs.

All the spells will be optional and craftable. They wont be forced onto the race except falmer poison. It does 12 damage for 3 seconds for 30 seconds but can only be used once a day. falmers will have 30% better sneak. in vanilla they have the same buff but it only works in combat for them.

Falmer Abilities: 

Fortify Sneak: 30%

Blind: 80% (How does blindness work?)

Poor Vision: Vision is slightly blurry in first person (Optional)

Frozen Creature’s abilities: 

Resist Frost: 100%

Weakness to Fire: 25%

Frost Smoke Effects and Male Body Explosion


Falmer Poison: Equipped weapons is coated in poison for 30 seconds once a day.


Conjure Falmer Sword Conjure Falmer War Axe

Conjure Falmer Bow Conjure Falmer Shield

Conjure Falmer Armor Conjure Falmer Npcs


One-Handed: 5 Archery: 5 Sneak: 10

Alteration: 5 Destruction: 10 Restoration: 5

Optional Files:

PF – Blind: Makes the first person view more blurry. its not final but its lacking that blur effect right now so its not that great

PF – No LoinCloth: Removes the Loincloth on the default body for falmers

PF – Falmer Wings: This will add the falmer wings used on the vampire falmer (DG) on all the falmers for from this mod.

PF – Female to Male Anims: Switches the female animations to male. Walk like a male instead of a girly girl.

Now skim over these videos of the mod. Good day.

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