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Are you tired of lugging around a 10 pound pickaxe just in case you stumble on a gold vein?  Do you wish you could increase your destruction damage a bit more scale-ably?  Do you wish you could magically increase your encumbrance?  Or change your hair without going to the Facechanger in Riften?  Or get to the Ragged Flagon without having to go through 2 load screens?

Then this mod is for you!

Located in the entryway in Helgen (or in your room in the Hall of Attainment in the College of Winterhold) you will find a knapsack with gear and spell books to aid you in your adventures.

What’s in this mod? (Summary):

Gear –

    [*]Boots of Speed (Learnable Enchantment – Speed Boost)

    [*]Gauntlets of Destruction (Learnable Enchantment – Fortify Destruction Damage)

    [*]Hood of Efficient Mana (Learnable Enchantment – Fortify All Magic Skills)

Spell Tomes –

    [*]Bound Chest

    [*]Bound Pickaxe

    [*]Face Change

    [*]Free Trading


Other Conveniences –

    [*]Quiet Casting Perk modification

    [*]Riverwood Smelter and spawn-free chest

    [*]Short-cut Trapdoor from Riften market to the Ragged Flagon



Gear with Learn-able Enchantments:

Boots of Speed (Speed Boost enchantment)

Run a little faster with your own boots of speed.  This enchantment doesn’t scale (like Waterbreathing), so you can use a filled petty soul gem to enchant an item with its full effect.

Gauntlets of Destruction (Fortify Destruction Damage)

Increase your DAMAGE against enemies with this enchantment.  Finally play that Destruction Mage without a massive game overhaul and be able to do more than singe a level 20 bandit with your Lightning Bolt.

Hood of Efficient Mana (Fortify All Magic Skills)

Cast Alteration, Conjuration, and Illusion spells for 10% less mana.  Cast Destruction and Restoration spells for XX% mana (scaleable).  Ramp it up enough, and you can toss fireballs without worrying about magicka all the time.

Handy Spells:

Bound Chest

Overburdened with loot halfway through your dungeon crawl?  Fear not!  With this spell, you can summon an extra-planar chest to store your hard-earned loot.  Cast once to make it appear; cast again to make it disappear.  (Note:  this is similar to the Bound Chest in my Build Your Own Breezehome mod, but without all the questing and construction).

Bound Pickaxe

Summon a pickaxe anywhere, anytime.  No more lugging around a 10 pound tool.  No more realizing you just accidentally sold off your Ancient Nordic Pickaxe at the far end Solstheim and being unable to harvest that new vein of Stalhrim (that’s right, you can use it to mine anything!).  The downside is that you have to cast it every time you want to mine something (ie: it disappears with each use).

Face Change

Have you ever wanted to just change your haircut without having to visit the Face Butcher in Riften?  Now you can.

Free Trading

Learn to trade anything with any merchant (ie: the Merchant Perk) with this handy spell tome.


Increase your encumbrance for a full hour with this handy spell.  It scales as you increase in power, so while you start out by adding 200 to your Carry Weight, you can eventually increase it by 1000.

Additional Conveniences and Game Play enhancements:

Quiet Casting Perk improvement

Now when you learn the Quiet Casting Perk (under the Illusion skill tree) and the Deadly Aim Perk (under the Sneak skill tree), you can triple your damage with your spells just like you’re some kind of Mage-Assassin.

Riverwood Smelter

Alvor is a fine smith.  So why the heck doesn’t he smelt his own iron?  Well now he can, and so can you! 

Riverwood Chest

Next to the smelter, half-buried near the riverbank is a safe, non-respawning chest with a linen wrap in it (because I like to use it to make an Archer’s Hat from the Archery Hats for Males and Females (King’s Quest) mod before I go dungeon delving).

Trap Door to the Ragged Flagon

Behind Brynjolf’s market stand in Riften is a trapdoor to the Ragged Flagon.  Now you can quickly meet up with Delvin and Vex to take on those special jobs without the pain of traipsing all over the Ratways and waiting on that extra load screen.

Author’s notes:

I made this mod for me, partly because I always thought some things were a little unrealistic (ie: mages will learn to summon a sword, but there’s no lazy mage out there who figured out how to summon a pickaxe?  Really?)  and because some things are kind of a hassle (ie: packing out all my loot, or running through two load screens to see Delvin or Vex). 

Potential Conflicts:

This should be able to go anywhere in your load order, though it’s possible you may run into conflicts if you have a mod that:

    [*]Changes the mineable tools formlist

    [*]Changes Helgen

    [*]Changes the Hall of Attainment in the College of Winterhold

    [*]Changes Riverwood

    [*]Changes the market in Riften


Feel free to use this mod as you like as long as you’re not charging for

it.  All of the scripts and meshes are custom built by me.

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