Potion Merchants in City Holds

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Role playing a character without any Alchemy investment only to find out every alchemist sell you tons of useless fortify potions and poisons instead of what you really need the most—-healing potions. They must hate the dragonborn so much that they usually offer level 70+ player a single potion of minor healing. I say, fuck it, don’t want to see them anymore. 

This mod adds total of 10 merchants who sell 100 potions per tier in city holds and Raven Rock. ( including potions which restore 3 attributes at once) They all look the same and do not have specific names. They are all called Potion Caravan and they sell potions 24 hours. They sometimes wander around and relax but won’t stray far. 


1 .Whiterun: Dragonsreach 2 floor ( overseeing the main hall) 

2.Falkreath: Near the  woodmill ( close to chopping block)

3  Markarth : Understone Keep ( before the stairs you meet the Jarl)

4. Solitude : Teample of the Devines ( turn right before the altars)

5. Dawnstar: Behind Silus Vesuius’s House ( Daedric Quest)

6. Morthal: at the door way of Thonnir’s house ( near Moorside Inn)

7. Winterhold: inside one of the wreaked house

8. Windhelm : Kitchen in the Palace of Kings ( Near Ulfric’s throne)

9. Riften : Graveyard ( Secret entrance to Thief’s guild)

10. Raven Rock : Somewhere near the dock 

They are set to essential, so they cannot die. If they somehow turn hostile to you, basic calm spell or calm scrolls should turn them to normal since I set them to LV 3.

They also sell some cooked food and sweets including those from Hearthfire DLC. It annoys me they even food vendors and inn keepers refuse to sell what- seems-to-be-basic foods and sweets.

    [*]“Absurd that you can’t get good sweetrolls, in this skeeverhole of a city.”  said Dagny , daughter of Jarl  Balgruuf.

Made by CK using only vanilla assets when I got triggered by alchemists. Merchants look the same because I’m not good at making cute faces.

Requires DLC because they sell foods from Hearthfire and Potions from Dragonborn.

Original URL: https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/96140

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