Potion of Bestial Love

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So now you’re making drinks?

Well not me…

Oh no…

Oh yes!  The Invisible Enchanting Gnomes are.

Get on with it.

Following the release of the TOEs Clothing Collection, the Invisible Enchanting Gnomes found themselves under attack from SETAV, or Skyrim for the Ethical Treatment of Animals and Vampires(1).  As the TOEs Clothing Collection used hide armor, there was the question of whether the hide originated from something like a goat or something much cuter like a man eating sabre cat or rabid wolf.  There was also the fact that it most definitely wasn’t vegetarian or vegan.  The Invisible Enchanting Gnomes feared the business would be destroyed before it had barely got off the ground.

The Invisible Enchanting Gnomes weren’t willing to go down without a fight, and tried to reason with SETAV.  They promised to only use hide armor that came with a certificate to say that the animal was free range, and had been humanely slaughtered using weapons that weren’t enchanted or capable of soul trap, but the militant vegans(2) amongst SETAV kept the fires well stoked.  There was no way SETAV was going to back down, especially as they had the backing of a bard called Smithy.

While this was going on, the bio-sciences department at IEG had a breakthrough.  They’d discovered that if they slowly stewed animals they could extract pheromones(3) from them, and that animals were pretty relaxed when approached, even if the Invisible Enchanting Gnomes dropped their invisibility.  There was also two bonus effects.  The first was that vampires, who could frequently detect the Invisible Enchanting Gnomes seemed quite chilled, although the thralls were a different matter.  The second was that any attacks on an animal wouldn’t cause the entire group to scatter, but only the attacked animal.  For best results it should have been applied to the skin, but early testing showed that the harsh climate of Skyrim meant that potency would be lost quite quickly.  The alternative was to turn it into a tasty(4) drink, and they discovered that the effects lasted for ages as the pheromones would seep through the skin.  The only downside was that it didn’t seem to work on mammoths, or at least if they did something to alert the giants to their presence.  They sent a report on it to Googoo, the CEO, but wasn’t sure whether they’d find a use for it.

Just as the battle with SETAV looked like it was lost, Googoo read the report with interest.  Maybe he had one last throw of the dice.  He contacted SETAV and told them if they didn’t cease and desist then he’d release a drink he’d made that meant that animals that would normally attack a human on sight or run would now not be in the least bit nervous, allowing the hunters to get the drop on them.  If they weren’t going to make any money from the TOEs Collection then they’d make money out of the potion, which was now named the Potion of Bestial Love and release it to the mass market.  SETAV said they weren’t going to back down because of a pathetic threat and attempt at blackmail.

The Invisible Enchanting Gnomes had nothing to lose.

As was standard practice, they needed to get the recipe to the Dragonborn to do some promotional work, and they left the recipe on the doorstep of Breezeholme in Whiterun.  Elrindir, trying to be a good neighbour, spotted the letter outside though and brought it into the Drunken Huntsman and then promptly forgot about it, and left it on a crate in the bedroom.

Things for the Invisible Collector Gnomes couldn’t get any worse.

So what have you really done?

If you walk the Seven Thousand Steps and activate the 10 shrines on the way up you get a nice little buff called Voice of the Sky.  This has the effect of calming most animals and vampires so they won’t flee or attack you.  The problem is it only lasts for 24 hours and if you lose it you need to redo the 10 shrines.  I decided to make a potion (although it’s actually cooking and I’ve set it as a food so it’s in the food tab) that does it.

How do I get it?

Go to the Drunken Huntsman and the bedroom upstairs, grab the recipe off the crate, and cook it at any cooking station.

Any known issues?

No.  I do happen to know it works with Skyrim Immersive Creatures spawns because I have that installed (just in case anyone else uses it).  It might have a hissy fit with anything that changes the Drunken Huntsman or the layout around the crate it’s on.

I’ve had to duplicate the effect, but the original uses a script to activate and deactivate the effect based on the limited time, which mine also uses.  Part of this script accesses a text entry in game that shows some text when it’s activated.  This meant I had two choices which was either modify the text entry or clone the script so it displayed a different entry.  While cloning the script would have been the slightly more elegant option, I went for the easy option.  Now when you activate either a Potion of Bestial Love or complete the shrines it will give a you a message telling you that all animals and vampires have been calmed to you.

Something that may glitch it (I haven’t confirmed this) is if you have Voice of the Sky active before you pop the potion.  If the Voice of the Sky times out then it removes the buff.  Because of how it does it, it will knock the effects of the potion out.  It can be reapplied with the potion obviously, but it’s something to be aware of.  It should also happen vice versa as well (if you have the potion active and then complete the shrines).

It doesn’t work with mammoths.  I think this is to do with aggroing the giants if you get too close to them or the mammoths, and the mammoths responding as opposed to the mammoths actually resisting it (mammoths seem to be fairly chilled anyway).

And footnotes?

1 – Their slogan is “I’d rather be killed by a bear than wear fur!”

2 – They were just jealous they couldn’t enjoy the TOEs without losing integrity.

3 – I know this isn’t how science works, but it’s fantasy.  You can extract strands of DNA using water and washing up liquid in your kitchen, though.

4 – Tasty being quite a subjective term.

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