Potion of Etherization

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This mod adds a nice potion: an ethereal body potion. Its effect is identical to the Become Ethereal shout, i. e. you transform yourself into an invulnerable ghost for a while. However, the effect of this potion lasts only a few seconds!

It will mainly be used for fighting against werewolves, giants or draugr, when they knock the player down and hit him without him being able to react.

This mod modifies certain ingredients to allow its creation: the Wisp Wrappings, the Glow Dust and the Ice Wraith Teeth. The latter therefore lose an effect each, it is thus normal if some potions that you liked to create can no longer be created!

A future update will implement the potion in the level lists so that you can find it in the Bordeciel chests or at the merchants. This change will be proposed in a separate plugin to let the player choose the modifications he prefers.

It’s a english translation of my french mod! Report to me any mistakes I may have made



It is recommended to use a mod manager (Mod Organizer 2 the best, don’t use NMM or TESMM!!). There are very good guides on the internet/nexus forum or, in French, on the forum of the Brotherhood of Translators! (Confrérie des Traducteurs)

Manual installation (not reccomanded)

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1. Copy the contents of the mod’s Data folder into Skyrim’s Data folder.

2. Activate the plugin “EtherealPotion.esp” on your favorite mod manager/the launcher.

In both cases, consider redoing your Bashed Patch/Smashd Patch. If you are not using one, it is advisable to create one now.



With MO2 : uncheck the mod and delete it.

Other : Delete “EtherealPotion.esp” from your Data folder.

Remember to clean up your save with FallrimTools afterwards.



There may be an incompatibility with the modifying mods modifying the effects of these three ingredients: Ice Wraith Teeth, Glow Dust and Wisp Wrappings.

There is incompatibility if they are modified directly. The Bashed Patch/Smashed Patch should limit these conflicts.

The mod was cleaned with xEdit.



wbf for the idea of the mod, his test and screenshots!

Redondepremiere for proofread the mod!

Bugthesda for The Elder Scrolls series and Skyrim!

The Brotherhood of Translator (la Confrérie des Traducteurs):



Original URL: https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/97953

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