Poverty – You Hunger Reborn

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Poverty is the natural evolution of You Hunger. Instead of disabling items, Poverty replaces almost every item in the game with a dummy item that has a user configured chance to spawn through a MCM.


What This Affects

-Leveled lists and hand placed items of alchemy ingredients, potions, food, alcohol, armor, weapons, ammo, books, scrolls, clutter, crafting materials, soul gems, and gold.

-Chance of failing to harvest ingredients from plants and creatures.

-Chance of failing to harvest food from animals, hanging meat, and crops.

-Chance of failing to harvest crafting materials from animals.

-The amount of extra ammo npcs have.

-The amount of gold merchants have.[/color]

What This Doesn’t Affect

[/color]-Catching animated insects/fish.

-Collecting firewood.

-Mining ore.

-Mod added items added to the world or those not in vanilla leveled lists.

-Quest rewards that don’t use a leveled lists.

-Unique/quest items that can only be obtained one way.


-All non clutter hand placed items in shops can be bought instead of stolen. Stock is limited in selection until you get the Merchant perk (vanilla perk).

-Crops are owned.

-Disabled food in abandoned areas and in places where there shouldn’t be any.

-MCM (0-100 [chance none] for each category, the higher the number, the less items that are spawned)

-Removed gold from animal loot.


-All DLC


-Unofficial Skyrim Legendary Edition Patch


-Load before lighting, weather, and sound mods.

-Load before any mods that add, remove, or edit item placements (ex. town/city overhauls).

-Requires a merged/bashed/mator patch with mods that edit leveled lists.

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