Power Of Akatosh Alduin Edition

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Alduin edition will give you Alduin as follower human and dragon both voiced! 


tweacked so he can use his real shouts Slin-Vok-Tii (i hope), Meteor Shout, and Alduin fire shout.  


-He also has a very strong stagger attack 


-He is specifically usable in conjunction with K2 dragon combat overhaul Mod, she will use those additional shouts in a dynamic style. 



 if you fight melee armed enemies she will use disarm and marked for death, she uses use other shouts based on enemy type.  


-His transformation is very lightweight like Zaffira’s.


-He has the orriginal in game voice and lines because he is really alduin in his dragon form.  




None, just DONT USE THIS AND ZAFFIRA AT THE SAME TIME… please use only1, due to their ai builds, similar, things may happen, try at ur own risck! 




-Bethesda and creation kit 


-tes5edit which I both credit so much as they allowed me to do everything.  


-Bersark93 for mod page translation and language help. (Huge thx)

Original URL: https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/97299

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