Power Of Akatosh Zaffira Edition

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    [*]Back in the days i had many requests about my female dragon follower odavira, wich from fixes took diferent forms but now… no more! 

    [*]Let me introduce u something really new, altrough i never belived i will make follower human type or such but… let me present u…                            


                 She is skilled great stats no god like and she is a bard, loves music, has a small mini quest and redy to amaze u with some epic combat scenes, he                           alsow has special powers and a special unique fusrodah like to use when situation is really hard and not only… please read description and file 

                  section too, is very important. 

                 For anything let me know in the comments and im sorry for english error. Any help or tip is always wellcome. 


From the fusion of my old dragon female follower mod, odavira, and very few assets from SelfishUglyBad’s,(he was banned idk why and he never specify nothing about permission or so, the nexus staff allowed me to handle this mod, i made request, in case of necessity i have proff’s, but since is a more important conversation i wont post picture unless is necessary or im ascked to do so) mod and a new introduction to creation kit to myself, and tes5edit wich i both credit so much since allowed me to do everything: 

[*]Zaffira is an argonian vampire female with multiple dinamic combat ai and tactics, wich can do everything, from staff to swords, to vampire drain and feeding(depends by other mods u may have) to multiple elemental mage with very vast arsenal on her disposal, warrior and the power to transform into… yes the moment u have been waitting for ; she can transform into odavira(old name) a new enhanced dragon form with again the same dinamic combat ai, just with new tweacks to adapt to transformation, and very generous gift’s for the player like: 

[*]10 daedra hearts (very rare incredient) 

[*]10000 gold 

[*]daedric swords, bow and arrows  


In human form:  



    [*]She can shout like a dragon:  

    [*]Fire breath 

    [*]Frost breath 

    [*]Ice storm 

    [*]Fire ball  

    [*]She can use vampire skills and abbilities: 

    [*]Life Drain 


    [*]Regen of stamina magicka and health 

    [*]She can use multiple combat style and spells and conjuration, all the strongest from vanilla from all elements  

    [*]She can transform into a dragon in exterious 

    [*]She can summon multiple elemental powers and combat tactics in interiours 

    [*]She can do combo styles atack, switching from a style to another dinamicaly based on situation, especially if she is wounded badly or facing powerfull foes 

    [*]Voiced the same as dragon form for immersion and her dragon form is an alduin female version 

    [*]Many spells shouts combos and styles at her arsenal, u must see for urself to belive it 😀  


In dragon form: 


    [*]She can use multiple elemental dragon shouts: 

    [*]Fire breath 

    [*]Frost breath 

    [*]Ice storm 

    [*]Fire ball   

    [*]Call of Vallor shout 

    [*]She has the same dinamic combat overhaul like odavira, one of best implementation i made is that there are enemy outside and u have to go in interiours she will take care of them then follow u or patrol the area if there are more enemyes close by 

    [*]Made it specifficaly in conjuction to work perfectly with K2 dragon combat overhaul Mod, she will use those additional shouts in a dinamic stile, exemple if u fight warriors she will use disarm and marked for death, and use other shouts based on enemy type. 

The transformation is very lightweight unnoticeble, thx to SelfishUglyBad (y)   


Issues: Fixed 100% is not a problem just use the bat file in file section 

Idk why, she may not have the follow me dialog part, just the bard quest related one (mini quest, just to visit bard college) 

[font=Verdana]so with this bat file [/font]the issue is PERMANENTLY FIXED after 1 use just save after it’s done, 

I added all faction and necessary ranks im sure, but for know i cant know why, if someone do please let me know.  


Alsow (old vanilla bug) if no dialogue when u meet her, save and reload. And thats all for now 🙂

Original URL: https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/97270

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