Power of the Dragonborn – kept Dragonsouls give bonuses

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A new perk is added to the player at game-start. Look for the debug message:

“Power of the Dragonborn successfully applied to your character!” at game-start.

This perk gives the player the following bonuses instantly for each Dragonsoul you keep:

+0.5 to archery- and two-handed-damage

+0.25 to one-handed damage

+2% to magnitude and duration of all spells, the Dragonborn casts

and a lesser power called “Power of the Dragonborn”. Whenever you spent or absorbed a dragonsoul you should cast this lesser power to gain the following permanent bonuses for each Dragonsoul you keep:

+2 to unarmed-damage

-1% shout timer cooldown

+0.5% damage resist, magic resist and movementspeed

+3 to maximum health, stamina, magicka and carry weight

+3% to magicka-, health- and stamina-regeneration rate (+3 to HealthRateMult, MagickaRateMult and StaminaRateMult)

If you don’t recast this lesser power, you won’t benefit from newly absorbed souls. –> Only applies for the efects of the lesser power! The perks effects are independent from the lesser power and instantly there!

You have to recast this lesser power every time, after the amount of kept dragonsouls has changed. (I know, possible exploit. See section “Why a “lesser power” and no constant effect?” for reasoning.)

The effects will not be shown under active magic effects, but you can check the added health-, magicka-, and stamina-bonuses in the skills-menu.

You won’t be able to see the effects in the magic menu, but you can prove via watching magicka, health and stamina in skills menu, see damage of weapons in inventory and use console command player.getav [whatever Actor Value].

I wanted to add higher damage bonuses to physical damage stuff, but those numbers get multiplied by perks (armsman, barbarian, overdraw) and enchantments (Fortify skill-damage) , which makes a bonus of +0.5 per Dragonsoul in fact a bonus of +2 or higher in-game. This is enough.

Why a “lesser power” and no constant effect?

Because I couldn’t manage to get this stuff working as intended. So I’ve made a lesser power instead. You have to play “honest” on yourself. If I remember correctly someone else had the same or a similar issue when creating a mod like this one. I descided to make a lesser power, that way I could avoid any script-stuff.

If you know a way to get this working in another way, let me know. I’m open for advice.


Only one script running at game-start to add the power to the player, nothing more.


Skyrim only


Drop the .esp-file in the Data-folder of your Skyrim-folder. Check the .esp in your Mod Manager / Game Launcher before starting the game.

Can be installed mid-game, no new game necessary.


Delete the .esp from you data-folder.

Usually it’s not recommended to uninstall a mod and later load a save, which was created when the mod was installed. I don’t know what happens, if you do so. Since this mod does not run scripts or stuff, I guess there would be no problems, but Bethesda has said, that uninstalling mods midgame is not good. When you want to delete a mod mid game, it’s better to edit the mod in TES5Edit and simply delete the changes it makes to the game, by clicking on the plus-sign after loading the mod and delete its content by simply deleting each change it makes (left-click on the respective line and press delete on your keyboard).

I read somewhere at creationkit.com in a discussion, that the game tends to remember Actor Values, so possibly an actors value, which was modified by a mod, will STAY MODIFIED after deinstallation of the mod. Haven’t tried now by myself. This mod does modify actor values.


Please report them in the comments.

Also please let me know, if something is OP. I haven’t played a lot with this mod by now, because I created it in the last days. I’ve only tested its functionality.


Incompabilities for physical damage stuff:

Very unlikely to appear.

If other mods use the same Priorities for the same Perk Entry Points as my mod does, then there will be random weapon damage output, but I guess the chance for that is very low. You can easily check this in the Creation Kit or TES5Edit, when you have weird damage output. Just look at the perk entries and their priorities. I set the priorities of my perk entry points between 181 and 176. It would be a real coincidence, if other mods use the same Entry Points with the exact same Priorites as my mod does.

Explanation for modding-beginners:

If you have a mod that adds a perk, which uses the Entry Point “Mod Attack Damage” to modify your physical damage, then this mod will only mess up the damage output in-game, when you play with another mod, that also adds a perk, which modifies attack damage through use of the same Entry Point (“Mod Attack Damage”) AND (!!!) has the same Priority as the Entry Point from the other mod.

Mess up when:        – Perks have same Entry Point AND same Priority

No mess up when:  – Perks have same Entry Point but different Priority

                                  – Perks have different Entry Points, Priority doesn’t matter, no mess up possible, when Entry Points are  


My mod doesn’t multiply physical damage in any way, it only adds fixed numbers, which means, there will be no “MuliplierFromThisMod * MultiplierFromAnotherMod * MultiplierFromThatMod …”, which could result in astronomical damage output.

Incompabilities for magic-stuff:

Possible too high spell-damage and -duration output.

What can and will happen if you use another perk, that uses the Perk Entry Point “Mod Spell Magnitude” and/or “Mod Spell Duration”, is, you will get overpowered characters, because my mod uses multipliers in these two perk entries, which means, the effects from other perks with the same entry points will also get multiplied, resulting in an enourmous spell-damage and -duration output. E.g. the multipliers from perks like augmented flames will get multiplied by the multiplier from this mod.


Augmented Flames rank 2 has multiplier 1.5

If you use my mod and have 10 Dragonsouls your spells magnitude will be multiplied by 1.2 (=20% increase)

–> Fire spells will have a 1.5*1.2=1.8 times higher spell magnitude (50%+30% instead of the expected 50%+20%)

By now I descided to leave it that way.

Possible ways to handle incompabilities:

– Don’t use one of the mods.

– Edit one of the mods by yourself in Creation Kit and/or TES5Edit. –> change the way the perks/spells work, or

– Create compability patches on your own (and upload them, and let me know, so I can link them), because I very likely won’t do so.

Port to SSE:

I don’t own Special Edition and was never engaged with porting mods, so if someone else wants to port this mod and reupload it, feel free to do so. Just give me credit by mentioning the original mod.

Permissions, edits, reuploads … :

You are allowed to edit and reupload this mod anywhere, create patches, … whatever stuff, just mention the original source (this site here) when you do so.


The wiki at creationkit.com and several discussions on reddit and here on the nexus.

Reverse engineering is the way to go.

Original URL: https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/98549

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