Pretty Dunmer Followers

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Hello there!

Pretty Dunmers As Followers!

[/b][/size]that is it enjoy!


Specialized in being the tank of the group with a mace and shield.

Located in  the Sleeping Giant Inn in Riverwood.

[/size]Uses the “DarkElf” voice.

Weight : 0

DevelwynLightning mage and summoner. In the backline shooting Lightning bolts.

Currently at the Arcanaeum in the Winterhold College

Has the “FemaleCondescending” Voice.

Weight : 100

Vall2 swords and some conjuring abilities. Wears heavy armor and charges in with Kalessa.

You can find her in Haelga’s Bunkhouse in Riften.

Got the “FemaleSultry” voice.

Weight : 50

They’re all marriagable.

They’re all dunmers.

They’re all standalone.


XPMSE (Or just a HDT compatible Skeleton) And HDT physics

BodySlide for the Bodyslide Presets


Put the data folder into your Skyrim folder (where TESV.exe is)

[/size]Or just download it with some kinda Mod Manager.



Ks Hairdos

Ethereal Elven Overhaul

Fair Skin Complexion

Female Makeup Suite

Bijin Skin



The Eyes of Beauty

SG Female Eyebrows

The Neith Team Warpaints Set

Ravens Warpaint

And that’s it![/size]

Followers are best used with an ENB (I use Snapdragon ENB here) and Facelight. Makes them look a lot better 🙂


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