Pride Flag – Generic Banner 1 Replacer

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It’s a rainbow flag for Pride Month, not much else to it.

The Pride flag was designed by artist Gilbert Baker.

I originally wanted to do a lot of different pride flags but there’s been a fair amount of discourse on the subject and so I stuck with the most familiar one.

And not to get too touchy feely, but I have a personal stake in the idea of Pride Month and LGBT pride in general. So on a site where we have Thomas the Tank Engine dragons and various other things, I felt a rainbow flag wouldn’t be too terrible an affront to immersion.

Install is easy, just plug and play, it replaces the generic red banner diffuse texture. No .esp so you can add and remove it as you like. If anyone wants to share screenshots of their characters, LGBT or not, with this flag I welcome them happily.

The Ashlander camp mod in the screenshots is Ashlander Camp New Zainab by antiscamp, I chose it because it had some guaranteed red banners I could easily access.

Homophobic, transphobic, etc comments will be nuked.

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