Proudspire Expanded

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So what’s this?

While working on Proudspire Manor for another mod I’m working on, I noticed there was some dead space on the lower floor.  There’s about an 8′ x 8′ piece of the house missing.  It’s there, but walled off, so I decided to get all Changing Rooms on it and demolish the wall, opening the area up a bit.  Not content there, I then added a basement to Proudspire Manor.  The basement is basically a clone of the basement in Nightgate Inn, with a massive tidy up (no cobwebs or straw for a start) and the bed can be slept in by the player.  There’s also a safe in the bedroom to provide all your safe storage needs, and provided with a complementary welcome bonus of materials.  Almost opposite the bedroom, a forge, armor workbench and grinding stone have been added for all your smithing needs.  At the end of the room you’ll find the star attraction – the Autovendor.  While he may just look like a well dressed mannequin(1), the Autovendor works as a full miscellaneous vendor and will happily trade with you, complete with any bonuses.

So you’ve created a home within a home?

Yeah kind of.  Think of it as a den or a snug or something.  With a vendor.

Don’t you think you could do with more furniture or weapon racks?

It’s coming at some point.


It shouldn’t do, as long as nothing modifies the square where the trapdoor for the basement is located.  Putting it at the end of your load order or LOOTing should fix it.

Anything else?

Yeah, if you’re not using it, use Filthy Rich Merchants.  It means the vendor will have around 21,000 Septims to trade with.  It’s NOT a dependency, just a recommendation.


1 – The vendor came about due to me dragging the wrong thing to put a mannequin in.  Noticing that they acted like people (albeit ones superglued to the spot) I made an NPC out of one and that’s how the vendor came to be.

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