Pushit Outfit by RohZIma

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Pushit Outfit 

by RohZima


Some retro 80s sports wear for your collection

I actually thought of the name for the outfit before realizing there was that song where they wore leotards

Three different texture sets. One ‘bonus’ jacket texture

Five clothing pieces: Jacket, Leotard, Leggings, Socks and Sweatbands

Based on CBBE HDT Curvy body

Has the usual breast, butt and stomach bounce

No bodyslide files at the moment

To acquire the outfit use AddItemMenu or console “help retro”

By the way the intense specularity (shine) seen in the pics is from how my enb is set up, with no specular boost the clothes are diffuse except the jacket which is a little shiny…

About me:

I am an active modder, making sexlab animations mainly but lately I have been doing outfits and building a new worldspace mod that should be out next year

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Read the permissions box above. Basically don’t use my meshes in your mods. You can upload my mod to another site but give appropriate credit.


I recommend Aether Suite by Halofarm or Modern Town by Sinius as a good location for these types of clothes

Hope you enjoy the mod 🙂


Original URL: https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/99075

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