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[font=Times New Roman]Pythia Oakshade[/font]

[font=Times New Roman]Seeker of the Unknown, The Golden Eye, Agent of Hermaeus Mora[/font]

[font=Times New Roman]LORE[/font]

A Bosmeri rogue hailing from Valenwood, although she remembers little of it. Suffering from amnesia as a result of her pact with Hermeaus Mora, Pythia drifts about Skyrim between delves into the treacherous Dwarven ruins that dot the northern province, along with what remains of the Snow Elves. Currently, she works to uncover the secrets of the Dwemer and Falmer to earn back her memories from Hermaeus Mora.

Prior to settling in to Falkreath for a time, Pythia lost her eye in a dragon attack. After slaying the beast Pythia claimed it’s skin and bones which she crafted into armor. After her pact with Hermaeus Mora the eye was healed and simultaneously corrupted. Now, the eye is used by Mora to more directly observe his agent’s work.

[font=Times New Roman]ABOUT[/font]Pythia is a standalone follower. I would recommend upping the limit of friendly hits as she has a tentacle spray spell that tends to hit other companions. Or just don’t have other companions. Either or. Her normal eye should use whatever textures you have installed, see below for what I use for her exact appearance. 

    [*]Location: Outside Dead Man’s Drink, Falkreath.

    [*]Level: 25 – 200, Levels with Player.

    [*]Height: 0.98

    [*]Weight: 0

    [*]Combat Style: Spellsword

    [*]Voice Type: FemaleEvenToned

    [*]Armor: Dragonscale Boots, Curiass, and Gauntlets

    [*]Weapons: Dragonbone Sword (2), Dragonbone bow and arrows (200).

    [*]Spells: Sparks, Lightning Bolt, Firebolt, Fast Healing, Greater Ward, Invisibility, Conjure High Seeker, Conjure Benthic Lurker, Lurker Spit.

    [*]Perks: Lightfoot, Bullseye, Deadly Aim, Wind Walker 

She uses the UNP skinny body. Her tattoos, freckles and her golden/blind eye were made by me. 

[font=Times New Roman]FUTURE PLANS[/font]

V1: Current version. Basic follower with Dragonscale armor, Dragonbone weapons and spells from Dragonborn DLC.

V2: Add summonable Watchers and unique seekers.

V3: Custom retex of Rough Leather Armor[/url] to replace her vanilla Dragonscale, if permissions are granted.

V4: Combat shifting eye, add summonable Dwemer Specter (Cuolec.)
[font=Times New Roman]F.A.Q[/font]

Q: Preset? Marriage? Tentacle waifu?

A: Triple No. Please don’t steal her face.

Q: Why’s her hair black in some screenshots and brown in others?

A: Follower Pythia didn’t want to cooperate when I tried to set it to be brown like the actual character of her, so black was the next best thing. If you know how to do that, let me know.

Q: She killed one of my companions!

A: [font=Times New Roman]RECOMMENDED[/font][font=Times New Roman] MODS[/font][font=Times New Roman]


Expressive Facial Animation V 1.1

Bewitching Eyes for Mer

Rough Leather Armor[/url]

Rudy ENB

Enhanced Lights and FX

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