Queen of the Nile CBBE Bodyslide and Face preset

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Queen of the Nile 

Cbbe bodyslide preset  

Racemenu face preset

This is my latest bodyslide preset that I am using along with one of Egyptian queen presets. The pictures above show the low weight. I was messing around with the sliders and was quite pleased with the results. This preset is best for skimpy clothing and is intended for those who like curvy women. All you need is cbbe bodyslide. You can drop the file in your cbbe presets folder under calinete tools or just use a mod manager. If you want the face preset too just make sure you have racemenu. First load the (0aqueenofthenile) preset after installing while in racemenu then load the face mesh under the sculpt tab in racemenu. I use fair skin complexion mod to achieve the look seen here. Pictures are taken in my new Luxor mod which I will release once I have been inspired to flesh it out a bit more. 

Original URL: https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/98014

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