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This is add-on for R Wiz by rrryutaro.

You need original mod.


    [*]Add 3 weapon and armors (MURAMASA BLADE!, Garb of Lords, Shurikens)

    [*]Fix navmesh at B10, B3

    [*]All enemy has respawn flag now.

    [*]Move location to near whiterun (please see screenshots)

    [*]Enemy is disabled at start. Enabled when door is opened.

    [*]Do not show message when you already have key.

    [*]Some point will move player to castle. (whiterun)

    [*]Enemy comes to friendly by 5%.

    [*]Same door but different in game data will open/close together.

    [*]Add pit and turn table.

    [*]Add support for “Death Trap Chest”. Alarm and Teleporter traps works correctly.

    [*]Add bedroll at Whiterun Stables.


If you are already playing R Wiz, reset cell is required.

They are 3 way to reset cell, new game, cleaning save, or reset cell function.

How to reset cell

This is common issue in Skyrim, not belong to this mod.

    [*]Get out from dungeon.

    [*]Save game.

    [*]Load game.

    [*]Wait for 10 days and 1 hour. This is depend on your cell reset time setting. Vanilla is 10 days. You can change this with Wrye bash. Please see screenshot.

Work In Progress

    [*]Add new items, that must be identified.

    [*]B5, B6, B7, B8 is not implemented yet.

    [*]Teleporter trap sometimes move you to wrong position.


Original works with PlayStation4, but this add-on does not matter for PS4.

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