r02B’s really small Amren’s House fixes with Braith Easter Egg

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Amren’s House

This change Amren’s House Architecture how I would build it and little other things, but only with Vanilla Architecture meshes, looks weird, what you think ?

Please let me know (^.^)/

I love the new Ladder really no more stumble just walk ♥

Braith Easter Egg

Have you always wondered why you never seen Braith hurt other People ?

That’s because Braith do something if they feel really bad/aggressive.

Search in the Near of her Bed  (^.^) ww


All DLC’s

Bacause i create every mod i made with all DLC’s loaded in CK (^^;)


Really sorry (>.<) but not compatible with mods which change Amren’s House or mod fixes interior’s, Please see my mod more as a Fun Mod if you have other interior’s mods.




Original URL: https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/97188

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