Race Compatibility Dialogue for Vilja

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Inspired by Aelarr’s Race compatibility dialogue mod I decided to just make my own for Emma’s wonderful Vilja mod.

Since I originally started this mod for LE, I decided to go back and finish the LE version. 

She has quite a few lines based on your character’s race, which you would completely miss if you were playing as a custom race. This mod fixes that. As long as your custom race has the “Actorproxy(race)” keyword Vilja will react to them as if they were the vanilla race.

Example: If the race has “Actorproxykhajiit” she will treat your character as a khajiit.

Install: Just download with your preferred mod manager and enable the esp. Or download it manually and drop the esp in Skyrim’s data folder. 

Requirements: Just the Race Compatibility mod since it uses the keywords from that mod and every custom race mod requires it.

Recommended: DetectiveToaster’s Race compatibility Dialogue mod since it covers the base game, dlcs, and various mods.

Original URL: https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/97569

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