Race Texture Tweaks

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Credit for textures from these modders

Enhanced Character Edit from the ECE team

Ethereal Elven Overhaul by Nuska

Natural Eyes by nevenbridge

Young texture for males by Fuse00

MM Real eyes by MassiveMaster – Zhoulia

Elf &Orc Eyes by Broder Fisk

Bethesda Performance Textures by Gamwich



What does it add?

Adds young and clean complexions for humans, orcs and elves. In a massive game world, there has to be people who are either young or know how to clean their faces.


White hair. Grey hair is not good enough. We need white hair. It is more wiser.


Cleaner body textures. Coz even the dragonborn knows he must become clean.


Additional eyebrows for male and female.


Elves share the same eye colors. Coz I keep hearing those stories of how some rich high class high elf girl fell in love with some bum dark elf boy living in the slums of some mining colony. Then they start to breed babies with different colored eyes.


Purple eyes for humans. Coz I like it.



Why did I do it?

This is my first mod. Skyrim is a great game with lots of holes. There aren’t many RPG’s that has muti-class systems so this is one of my favorite RPGs. Got a PC so I finally decided to take a stab at making that mod I never really found anywhere. This started as an experiment of just repainting textures. After seeing the imported textures in Blender, I couldn’t help but notice some horrid creature that must’ve been a creation of Dr. Frankenstein. This is not the dragonborn I was expecting. So I got mad and started repainting textures trying to fix those damn dreaded seams. Then I figured, why not check out the textures that others has created? All that resulted in this mod. IDK what happened.




!!!WARNING!!! This will overwrite your texture files

1. Unzip.

2. Drag the two files into your data folder.


Note: Safer to use a mod manager just so you could keep a track of which files have been overwritten. You may want to use a different body mod later on.

Original URL: https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/96618

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