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This modder’s resource injects a form list at 0x015f9001. All of the radiant quests in vanilla Skyrim will not select locations in this form list to send the player on a radiant quest.

Modders can add locations to this form list in one of two ways.

First, modders can also inject a form list at the same form id in their own plugin (recommended for legibility) and add locations to that list like they would with any other property.

Alternatively, this mod provides access to the form list via a script. Modders can use the two global papyrus functions below to add or remove locations from this form list:

RadiantExclusions.addExcludedLocation(Location loc)

RadiantExclusions.removeExcludedLocation(Location loc)

Both methods provide a soft dependency. Neither will have an effect on the user’s game unless they are using the plugin from this mod, and don’t require making this mod a master of your mod.

Note that any mods that add radiant quests but do not inject and check for the form list are not compatible by default, but can easily be made compatible. Please notify me if you have created a patch for any mod, so that I can host it here, or if you would like me to create a patch for you.

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