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Hey folks!

Say hello to Ra’Jhar.

He is my very first Khajiit i made for my game! So i desided to make him a Follower to take

him with me with my other Dovahkiins to.

What do you need:

Nothing but Skyrim.

Where do you find him:

You will find him at the Khajiit Caravan of Ahkari. Theyr route follows the

Streets from Dawnstar to Rifton, and is protected by Kharjo and

Dro’marash, so don’t worry that the caravan is totally helpless, when

you take Ra’Jhar with you. 🙂 

The easiest way to find him is to port yourself to Kharjo. 

Open your console and type:

coc 000CD92D

What does he do:

Well… he follows you and smashes your enemies with his weapons for you. He

have no special skill or voice type. But he is a great warrior with

shield and 1H weapons.

Whats unique?

Ra’Jhar has a very unique furcolor for a Khajiit in Skyrim. And (Thanks to Saerileth[/url] for the permission) a unique hairstyle.  And he looks quite badass with a heavy armor. xD

Please tell me any issues and bugs, when you run itin your game. And of

course you can add pictures here to the mod side of him. I would be glad

about this.

Hope you like it.


Recomented Mods:

aMidian Book of Silence (for the armor textures)

Cover Khajiit (for the body textures)

Digitigrade Khajiit (for cute feets <3)

Credits goes to:

Saerileth[/url] for her great Hairmod:

and of course to Bethesda for Skyrim itself

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