Raven A Vampire Standalone CBBE Follower

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Adds Raven a CBBE VAMPIRE, as a standalone follower to Dead Man’s Drink in Falkreath.

Fangs were sculpted by my own fair hands 😀 

NEW OPTION: Added an optional file to download Raven at WEIGHT 0 and using YOUR bodyslide files instead of the custom ones. Choose this OR the Main file

NEW OPTIONAL FILES: Added JadeBody and JadeBSOutfit BodySlide Presets as Optional downloads. Now you can use the same bodyslide as the custom one used in MAIN file for your females, if you wish

Raven Info:

Voicetype: Female Sultry

Bodytype: JadeBody CBBE – See Optional Downloads if you want preset

Weight: 70

Height: default


Combat Style: Vampire1H

Armor/Outfit: Naked as the day she was born!  She does come with a steel sword, nothing else! 


I highly recommend installing: 

Amazing Follower Tweaks: Amazing Follower Tweaks

I am not sure if the above is required? Certainly means you can change her combat style, outfits etc. So well worth it imo! 

Installation (Recommended)

Install via NM or Vortex.

To install manually

unpack and drag and drop into your Skyrim Special Edition, main game folder (where  skyrimSE.exe is)

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Original URL: https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/99832

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