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What this mod done?

The writings of five plaques in windhelm were illegible and hard to recognize. Here I provide an alternative way to help you read it better instead of installing high quality textures mod for these plaques.

The solution here was made all the five plaques (introduction of wulfharth,harld and olaf one-eye) became readable. You only need to approach the plaque and press E button to examine it. The content of the plaque(Reference from the UESPWiki) would then show up clearly in a message box for you.

How this mod work? I created an invisible activation box that allowed player interact with it by pressing the “E” button, and put the box in front of each plaque. Once you approach the plaque, you could press “E” button interact with the invisible activation box, and it would show up to you a message box that contain the certain message. Any compatibility issues?

Since this mod didn’t touch any vanilla objects in game, so it should be compatibility with mods modified the texture or somethings else of these plaques.

However, if there is a mod likes a windhelm city overhaul mod which would change the locations of these plaques, it probably cause conflicts due to the locations of those invisible activation boxes would not match with the locations of plaques.

How to Install?

install with mod manger or put the unpacked esp file and bsa file into the data folder.

Special Thanks:

The Unofficial Elder Scrolls Pages – UESPWiki

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