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I have always loved Skyrim’s houses.

One of my priorities, while playing, was to be friend of the Jarls so that I could purchase all of them.

Does the dragonborn actually need them, tho? Well, who knows, but it is handy to have more places to rest during his travels.

However, why can’t he just… buy them? Like a normal citizen? Why can’t he have more options?

On a sidenote, why there are so little? I mean, the population has their own, okay, but what if someone comes from outside and wishes to move in? Where do they go then? Why are there no real estate agents to simply sell more houses without the need to become jarl’s besty?

This mod aims to add more player homes that can be bought via one of these persons, a Real Estate Agent.

Her name is Jaen Gold-Heart and she has just recently moved in Skyrim with her family, Hedvar Gold-Heart (her husband) and Lilyn Gold-Heart (their daughter). Using the moneys she had saved, she bought small pieces of land to build modest houses and, now, she is willing to sell them. She is also a misc seller.

** Note: this mod doesn’t affect vanilla houses. You still have to go through the normal process to get those.

** Note 2: this mod doesn’t let you buy other NPCs houses, for that you’d want to look at RE – Real Estate Continued‘s page.

This mod features some number of new player homes made by me, old ones and new ones, family-friendly and solo-friendly. You just have to choose!

Each house has this kind of name: xxxx Family yyyy // xxxx Simple yyyy. “Family” stands for houses Hearthfire Multiple Adoption compatible, while “Simple” are for those who just play solo and can’t be blessed.

+ ALL of the houses come with all the crafting stations.

+ ALL of the houses have a bed and chests.

+ ALL of the houses are nav-meshed and lighted properly (…I hope XD).

+ FAMILY homes have from 2 up to 6 children’s beds, read info to know which has how many.

+ SOME homes have planting soils on the outside. 

+ Jaen and the Gold-Heart family are just outside Whiterun’s Stables. They all have custom dialogue, for lore’s sake, sadly not voiced yet (TURN ON SUBTITLES!). Their look is almost vanilla, as I wanted to keep things as “friendly”-ish as possible. Lilyn has a very basic and easy quest, if you want.

+ Prices vary depending on your speech skills, like any normal barter. You can’t sell the keys, so make sure you get what you want.

Right now, with my skills, don’t expect castles. The houses are pretty simple, vanilla, and cosy. 

Yes, they will be in your game, all of them, even if you want just one: do you expect other houses to vanish in real life after you’ve bought your own? Just kidding XD, but it felt right this way, makes Skyrim look more natural to me.

The mod runs a couple of scripts, some are for the quest. One is for the keys: see credits.


Please check the pictures to see the interior of the buildings.

Note that the actual look of the mod inside your game may vary a bit depending on what textures/enbs/lights mod you use!

Whiterun’s Simple Shack: A very small shack located right next to the Gold-Heart’s home. Base cost 500 septims. Can’t be blessed.

Riverwood’s Simple Home: A small farmhouse located on a hill next to Riverwood’s Bridge. Base cost 1000 septims. Can’t be blessed.

Lakeview’s Simple Cottage: A small farmhouse located next to Half-Moon Mill on the lakeshore. Base cost 1000 septims. Can’t be blessed.

Markarth’s Family Home: A small dwemer farm located next to Salvius’ Farm in Markarth. Base cost 1500 septims. Can be blessed, 2 childs’ beds.

Windhelm’s Family Nest: A medium farmhouse located near Windhelm’s Stables. Base cost 1500 septims. Can be blessed, 2 childs’ beds.

Shor’s Family Retreat: A medium cottage located near Shor’s Watchtower. Base cost 2500 septims. Can be blessed, 6 childs’ beds.


This mod is not compatible only with other that adds anything in the current houses locations, as far as I know. Which means that my standalone houses are NOT compatible with this one. Let me know if you find any other issue. If you want to be safe, try running the mod once with a new game, so you can decide if you want to keep it or not. And to be even more safe, BACK UP YOUR SAVE FILE(s).

Except for some navmeshes, I did NOT touch anything vanilla. All the actors, forms, etc, are duplicated and renamed. So it should be fine with almost anything.


+ If you wish to add your home in the list of purchasable houses, please contact me in private so that we can talk the details to allow me to make a patch.

+ If you’d like to help with voice acting, please let me know!

+ If you have any idea, suggestion, bug, typos’ report (english is not my main language) etc… you can use the comments, I’ll make sure to go through each post 🙂


This mod uses one script that was not made by me, to allow the keys to be bought, and for which I thank Darkfox127 and his youtube videos. They helped me SO much.

Actually I should thank a lot of people out there for their video or text tutorials. Bethesda, for example.

Also a big – big, BIG – thank you to all of those that have inspired and supported me through my other mod pages.

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