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What this mod does and what it doesn’t

I always found the weather of Skyrim rather static. Some places almost always have a rainy weather (worst offender: The parts around Riften, or the tundra between Whiterun and Rorikstead), others are always sunny and obviously have never seen fog or rain in ages, etc.

This mod aims to change that – and it really changes only that, it only tweaks some climate and region records for a better balanced weather, and that’s it. No new textures, no new weather types, just rebalancing the existing stuff.

Why not just use an existing mod instead of making a new one?

Well, let’s start with new sky textures: I never understood why people think it’s necessary to change the skies of Skyrim anyway – they are beautiful as they are (in fact, they are the ONLY textures in the game that never needed to be changed). But that’s only my opinion on that matter.

The changes introduced by “Rebalanced Weather” are subtle, you might not even notice them at first. With playing the game for a while you will notice that something has changed slightly. And that’s the way it is meant to work, and I’ve searched in vain for a mod that does exactly that and nothing else!

I don’t want a weather mod, that’s “in your face”, or makes, like almost every other weather mod on the Nexus, Skyrim a rainy (or snowy, depends on the region) mess. Promising “more weather variants” and then just make more rain variants and otherwise make it rain all the time is not what I consider a good mod (looking at some very popular mods here – but I won’t name them).

And what’s with the enblocal in the optional files?

That’s simply the enb preset I made for myself. It requires only the basic enb installation, you just replace the enblocal.ini, and that’s it – I only enclosed it to show what I consider the right way to make an enb preset. It also is subtle, very subtle, but should work with almost every texture or weather mod that’s enb compatible.


I don’t see why Rebalanced Weather should be incompatible with any other mod, except of course for other weather mods, as they change the same records. But might be worth a try, if you load RW after your other mod, the results may be ok – if somebody tries, leave a comment how it worked out.

For the enblocal – it’s of course incompatible with other ENB presets, it only works with the enb files provided by ENBDev.

As this mod changes also the default climate record, the weather of new worldspace mods that use that climate will be changed accordingly, too, new worldspace mods that use their own climates won’t be changed.

How to install and uninstall

With Vortex, installation is easy: Download the main file, install, ready to go. To uninstall, just remove or disable it via Vortex.

Installation by hand: Drag the .esp from the 7z file to your data folder. To uninstall, delete or disable it.

The enb preset can only be installed by hand, you just replace your enblocal.ini in the Skyrim main folder with that provided in the optional files.

About SSE

Might work with SSE too, as it’s only an esp, no scripts, no textures. But, as I’ve uninstalled SSE a while ago, I don’t know – if you try, tell me in the comments if it works.

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