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This mod adds craftable Redguard Armours to Skyrim. These come in three tiers and have the equivalent of Elven, Glass, and Dragonscale Armour. There is currently no Heavy counterparts, let me know if that’s something you want.

Adds Armoured Redguard Set, Reinforced Redguard Set, and the Sword-Singer Set.

In order to prevent early acquisition, the Reinforced Set requires a couple gold and moonstone ingots as well as the first Bladesmen Perk, and the Sword-Singer Set additionally requires a filled Grand Soul Gem as well as the final Bladesmen Perk.

The armours all use the Vanilla Redguard and Alik’r Armour. I added gloves to create a completed set, although I’m not sure if the set bonus works as of yet.

The Sword-Singer Set features high-level enchantments of increased one-handed skills, stamina regen, and shout fortification (I did this as the Sword-Singer’s Ansei were able to use tonal magic to create swords, so this seemed like an adequate choice).

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