Regalia Armor- CBBE UUNP Bodyslides and Conversions

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[font=Comic Sans MS]Hi everyone!

Here is bodyslide and body conversions for Regalia Armor by Auburnsred.


Regalia Armor by Auburnsred




Any UNP family body model of your choosing


[font=Comic Sans MS]Choose whichever conversion you would like. Download with any mod manager of your choosing (Vortex, NMM, and MO), and install.

Click yes to “overwrite” if prompted. If you downloaded CBBE or UUNP bodyslide, launch bodyslide. Navigate to “Choose Groups” and select your flavor of choice.


[font=Comic Sans MS]For CBBE look for the following:

Regalia Armor CBBE

Regalia Armor CBBE HDT

For UUNP look for the following:

Regalia Armor UUNP

Regalia Armor UUNP HDT

Once selected build and enjoy! With love, Neko <3


Because Auburnsred already has static meshes for both CBBE and UNP, I’m only supporting the HDT version of these meshes in the optional files section. 

Credits and Permission:

All credits goes to Auburnsred for letting me make a conversions for LE. Please endorse Auburnsred mod for the amazing work they did.

Caliente and Ousinus for Bodyslide and Outfit Studio 

Groovtama for XPMSE

Caliente for CBBE

Mods used in screen shots:

Wizard’s Well by HaemProjects

KS Hairdos – Renewal

Elegent Beauty Stunning Eyes

Bijin Skin UNP and CBBE

Quick Light

Halo’s Poser (Google it)

ENB used:

Patrician ENB by Marmotte[/font]

Original URL:

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