Regalia Armor for UNP CBBE

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This mod will add a new light female armor to the game. You can choose between either UNP or CBBE Body. 

The armor consists out of 8 parts that you can choose to equip or not. 

The parts are the armor itself, a Cape, gauntlets, the chestpiece, pauldrons, the armor on the legs, the silver backpiece and boots. 

(Some story about how you learned to craft this armor from an especially skilled smith in Elsweyr who was also highly into adding skirts to his works. Then continued to work on this armor for hours on end until you could finally wear it yourself. And then proceeded to go on the greatest adventures the world held ready for you. No one will ever forget.)

How to get the armor?

The armor is craftable at a forge if you have the steel armor smithing perk (it’s the very first one, so it’s likely you have it), all parts require slightly different materials to be crafted. I tried to make those realistic. 

Credits and Thanks 

As always a thank you to Bethesda for creating skyrim

Dimon99 for UNP and Ousnious and Caliente for CBBE and UUNP 

SE Version is here. 

And finally a thank you to everyone who downloads, endorses, comments and keeps the skyrim community alive to this day. 

Skyrim came out on the 11th of November 2011 and I know very few games from 2011 that still have a decent amount of players, yet skyrim does. It remains interesting through many unique mods, new lands, quests, voiced followers, swords, armors, overhauls, and so on. That’s really amazing! 

When I first started modding I thought I would never be able to create a 3d model from scratch, but decided to learn it. And I’m proud to be able to release this armor today. I know there’s always different opinions on how an outfit should look, what armor rating it should have or if it should be called armor at all. And I read through all of the comments, I enjoy the nice ones a lot and try to learn something from criticism. Just know – It is a lot of work to create 3d models. The modeling itself is very enjoyable, but to get a mesh into the game for the first time is a difficult, long and boring process. The more often you do it the faster you’ll probably get at it. But it remains a rather tedious process. So I highly respect everyone who creates those mods. And stay aware please, that those who mod do it for fun and for free. 

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