Remodeled Armor CBBEv3M – HDT CONVERSION

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I dont own this mod.

So, after looking EVERWHERE, i found the true HDT conversion for the Mak0 armors (not the one already on the nexus, that used some of Mak’s textures but changed the armors) on an old HD of mine. I don’t know the original author’s name, so i can’t give him proper credits, if anyone finds out, please, let me know. I remember downloading this from an asian site, so i doubt i  can find it again.

The drawbacks: It doesn’t work with the “vanilla replacer”, so you’ll have to use the console or the “Additem” mod to get the armors. Every armor with a “remodeled” after its name will be fully working with all the HDT advantages.

If any modder knows how to transform this into a vanilla replacer, let me know!

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