Remodeled Armor for 7B – Bodyslide files

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This mod contains the files required to batch build the armor and clothes from Remodeled Armor for SeveNBase Bombshell HDT TBBP using BodySlide to your own custom UNP body preset.


How to use

1. Install with mod manager or drop in data folder.

2. Open Bodyslide and click on Group Filter, Choose Groups.

3. Select Remodeled Armor 7B, Remodeled Clothes 7B, Remodeled DLC1 7B, and Remodeled DLC2 7B then click OK.

4. Make sure you have your body preset selected, and click Batch Build.


RickerHK for converting ChronoTrigger77’s armors to UNP

Caliente for BodySlide

And this outstanding guide that helped me throughout the process.

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