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[font=Verdana]ReQuest Sources is an open-source mod created by the ReQuest Team that contains assets, scripts, and voice files that will be used by our mods and mods created by others. This mod is a core mod that is required to run any ReQuest mod.

[font=Verdana]- Includes –[/font]ReQuest Sources currently includes:

    [*]Over 1,100 new assets

    [*]21 new voice files

    [*]3 new scripts

    [*]A new ReQuest intro video


There are many new assets in ReQuest Sources, including:

    [*]New reach cave assets

    [*]New Nordic cave assets

    [*]New snow cave assets

    [*]New grey nordic dungeon assets

    [*]New greybox dungeon assets (plain white assets to test out the shape of rooms)

    [*]New dungeon exterior assets


There are currently 3 new scripts in ReQuest Sources:

    [*]FMMbuttonkillplayer – A script that kills the player when something is pressed Example: You’re in a dungeon, and there’s a button and you press it. You will be killed.

    [*]FMMKillOnEnterScript – A script that kills the player when a trigger box is entered

    [*]FMMTriggerBoxSpeedScript – A script that slows the player when in a specific trigger box

Voice Files

There are currently many new voice files in ReQuest Sources. All of the voice files are idle draugr lines in dovahzul (Note: At the moment, all of the voice lines are from one voice actor as a proof of concept. The voice lines from the other three actors will be coming soon)

[font=Verdana]- Videos –


[font=Verdana]- Requirements –[/font]

All that is required is a copy of the original Skyrim (See the FAQ to learn about special edition support). None of the DLC’s are currently required

[font=Verdana]– Installation –[/font]

Install with your preferred mod manager or extract the files manually to your data folder (the data folder is the folder that has skyrim.esm, update.esm, etc. This should NOT be the folder with TESV.exe) Do note, however, that if you do not have another ReQuest mod installed or another mod that requires ReQuest Sources, no changes will be made to your game except for the new intro video that replaces the Bethesda one. At the moment, most people will probably want to install manually in order to use ReQuest Sources with the Creation Kit.

[font=Verdana]- FAQ –[/font]

Q: When will this be released for Special Edition?

A: For the time being, we are only going to have a legendary edition version in order to make our workflow easier for preliminary changes before ReQuest – Forbidden Legend. However, we do plan to eventually release a special edition version of Sources and all other ReQuest mods (we need to start with LE instead of SE because backporting is impossible, while in contrast mods can be ported from LE to SE)

Q: Why did this take you guys so long to make?

A: Well, when ReQuest was first started, we had lots of preliminary planning and decisions to make before we started on ReQuest – Forbidden Legend. This took up a couple of months. Also, we didn’t originally plan to have a core mod for ReQuest, the idea only came up later. ReQuest Sources has only been in production for a part of the time that the ReQuest Project has been around.

Q: When is ReQuest – Forbidden Legend coming out?

A: When it’s done

Q: I thought you guys were remaking quests, not creating new assets and recording new voice files

A: Yes, we are still planning to improve Skyrim’s quests. However, to do that, it required new assets to enhance locations and increase uniqueness. It’s the small details that make Skyrim a great game. The same thing for the voice files, we needed some uniqueness. This is all still ultimately apart of our plan to improve Skyrim’s quests

[font=Verdana]- Updates -[/font]

We plan to continue to update ReQuest Sources to make improvements, fix bugs, and add new assets, sound files, and scripts as needed to serve new ReQuest mods and to help the community. This is by far not the final version of ReQuest Sources.

[font=Verdana]- Credits -[/font]Created by:

The ReQuest Dev Team

Asset Creation


Confusing Tony



Voice Acting

Complete the Circuit




And as always, a special thanks to the Skyrim Modding Community

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