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I recently found the Animated Armoury mod, and was excited to find something that could finally satisfy my desire for decent staff combat animations. I made this patch so that I could play it with Requiem.


    [*]Balances crafting/tempering recipes for Requiem. Adds recycling recipes for new weapons.

    [*]Add quarterstaff animations to Requiem battlestaves (and appropriate items from Immersive Weapons with a patch).

    [*]Integrates new weapons into Requiem leveled lists.

    [*]Adds new perks to 1H/2H trees for the new weapon types.

More detail:


The new weapon perks are as follows:

Spears and Pikes have had their base weapon speed reduced. New Spear Specialization perks increase attack speed by 10/20/30%, which ends up slightly faster than the base swing speed for spears in the original mod. Perks increase armor piercing by 10/25/40% (Requiem 3.0 adds 30/65/115 Expertise instead). Balanced between swords and axes.

Halberds are integrated into the Battle axe Specialization perk, and will receive all the same benefits as axes. In Requiem 3.0, halberds are given piercing damage to differentiate them from battle axes.

Quarterstaves (including battlestaff weapons from Requiem) gain increased block (10/20/30%) and damage (5/10/20%). The first rank of this perk ONLY will increase blocking ability with halberds or spears by 10%. Having some staff training is very beneficial to users of polearms. In Requiem 3.0, these perks also provide minimal weapon expertise, the same amount as greatswords gain (25/55/100).

Rapiers are agile and good at finding weak points, so with perks I gave them 10/20/30% armor piercing (30/75/125 Expertise in Requiem 3.0), and a chance for a critical hit with rapiers (10/15/20% chance) for 1.5x damage. Might have to nerf this if it’s too strong.


Compatible with Requiem 1.9, 2.0, and 3.0 (use appropriate version).

Each version comes with an optional patch for Immersive Weapons users. You still need the main IW patch from Requiem Patch Central, mine just adds appropriate keywords and stats to the affected weapons. Use my patch in place of the Immersive Weapons patch that comes with Immersive Armoury.

Correct Load Order:

Immersive Weapons.esp

NewArmoury.esp   (Animated Armoury main file)

Animated Immersive Weaps.esp    (not needed)


Requiem – Immersive Weapons.esp     (from Patch Central)

Requiem_AnimatedArmoury_Patch.esp     (my file)

RAA_ImmersiveWeapons.esp     (my patch)

Compatible with the first-person animation addon for Animated Armoury, though as of the time of writing it hasn’t been updated to include quarterstaff animations yet. It likely won’t require any update to this mod if/when it is done.

This mod requires the Dragonborn DLC, and modifies some of the leveled lists in a way similar to Fozar’s DB patch. However, this mod is not dependent on it. No Dragonborn Requiem patch is required, but if you load my mod after it, the leveled lists will match Requiem’s

Future Plans

    [*]Created enchanted variants of new weapons. I’m looking for a script that can help me do this, because I don’t want to create/list hundreds of different weapon records.

    [*]Tempering distribution. I believe the Reqtificator can/could handle this, I just need to read up on how.

    [*]I’d like to do something a bit less random for Rapier crits, especially if they turn out to be OP. I’m just not sure exactly how to yet.


All due credit to NickNak for creating Animated Armoury, and the authors/curators at Requiem patch central for making the Immersive Weapons patch.

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