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This patch replaces the original patch found on the Apocalypse page. Load it after AZ tweaks.

Based on the original patch made by EnaiSiaion, so thanks to him for doing a lot of the legwork.

Semi-thorough list of changes:


Prepare for Adventure costs more and lasts much longer, but now only makes a wooden battlestaff since it was unfathomably broken when it made a full staff.

Locate Object has been moved to Novice, because its actual power is convenience and not function and it feels best to be available early on.

Ocato’s Recital and Spell Twine are now both Masterly spells and cost a huge amount of magicka to use. I still want these effects to be available as they really add to the “I am a Wizard, with a capital W” experience provided by Apoc, but they are so powerful that they need to be gated.

Raise Wall now uses minimal magicka, to make it competitive with the newly buffed Wards.

Reynos’ Fins costs more, lasts longer.

Tharn’s Prison magicka cost increased to 200, duration increased to 5.

Thundering Hooves has had its cost and duration increased (to 400 and 90 seconds)

Detonate Lock: Now an Apprentice spell. It is still expensive and cannot open high-tier locks until your alteration skill is sufficient and can never open master locks. It is also loud. I am allowing this spell to coexist alongside Animate Lockpick because, as Requiem 2.0 proved, Animate Lockpick is useless and pointless and should not be used as a balance metric. Further, most characters can either bash weaker locks or want to invest in Lockpicking for extra EXP.

Further still, the book is expensive while lockpicks are considerably cheaper.

Thrumming Stone is now Expert level, because it is relatively weak.

Some of the high level alteration spells are cheaper, because of Transmute Corprus and Telekinetic Execution being different flavors of instant-kill means there is little need to mess around with weaker ones. Some others have higher magnitudes as well.

Battletide now has 400 magnitude instead of 20. Armor is much less effective in AZTweaks (90% at 2800 armor) and alteration no longer scales its magnitude by skill, only duration.


Avenging Wraith is now Apprentice, because its ability to deal good damage at range with magic was too good for novice and becomes quite tanky when killed by beefy Requiem mobs.

Conjure X is now Summon X because Requiem changed that for some reason.

Dummied out Cat Totem and Bear Totem because of Summon Ghostly Sabrecat / Ghostly Bear.

Several summons are now beefier and more fully perked. In particular the Dremora summons should no longer roll over and die the moment a 2h bandit looks at them funny. Churls are still very frail, though, so try not to feed too many of them to the bandits.

Daedric Crescent is now apprentice, and is a bit stronger. (Previously Adept) It is highly conditional and you’re often better off just putting the magicka into another summon spell, so hopefully the ability to make your summon more lethal earlier on will make the spell more worthwhile.

Deadeye Captain is now expert. (Previously Apprentice) It is Store Corpse from Lost Grimoire and Deep Storage rolled into one, both of which are Expert level.

Soul Cloak is now Adept. (previously Apprentice) It is more expensive, both in terms of magicka and in terms of monetary cost, because it was silly that it was stronger than Soul Trap while also being less expensive to buy and cast.

Banish Living is now just Banish, and can gib anything except for Dragons. This is balanced by the fact that Teleport Vitals already exists at expert, which instantly kills almost any ActorTypeNPC, and you technically never want to banish stuff because you don’t get any loot. You are cast into the abyss!

Dremora Assassin now sets the health of foes it death marks to 0 instead of 1 in addition to being a  more competent archer.

Nether Lich also requires an equipped weapon’s charge to be cast to mirror its adept counterpart. It will murder living enemies and dragons quite nicely to compensate.

Weeping Daedra gets turned to stone very often, so it has received considerable buffs.

Xivilai sorcerer now deals 125 damage to you, but is more swole.

Lord of Bindings no longer has 65 health and has gained “churl incontinence”.


Most spells have had their cast times increased.

Incendiary flow’s hazard does more damage and costs less, to make it more competitive with Fireball.

Lightning spells cost more and are stronger in general, to be in line with AZ tweaks shock spells.

Frost spells have higher stamina drain.

Lightning Strike -> Call Down Lightning, since Requiem already renamed Thunderbolt to Lightning Strike.

Many master level spells have been buffed so that Firestrike and Arcane Vortex are no longer so overwhelmingly powerful comparatively.


Illusory X % damage is higher now, because 25% is less meaningful in Requiem compared to vanilla. This makes the Welling Blood combo easier to pull off but by that point you are already capable of Hibernation X + Nightmare to do a similar effect.

Overall though Illusion felt like it was in a decent place and has as of yet received the fewest changes. Backlash got a lot better with the longer cast times, though, so it’s on the nerf watch list.


Wild Healing now heals 3 + 25 and costs 20% more. Should now have a greater downside since you can’t rely on the big self-heal. It also awards less EXP and its random heal can’t be absorbed because it was kind of gross on atronachs.

Circle of Strength costs twice as much, absorbs 25% less stamina, lasts 20% shorter.

Bone Spirit nerfed a bit.

Slay Living now kills below 50% instead of 25%. Health values in Requiem tend to change fast,

and I found that I very rarely, if ever, had the occasion to use Slay Living at any time that Firebolt or a weapon hit wouldn’t just kill the target outright. However it costs a bit more to compensate.

Disease/poison direct damage options have been nerfed a bit.

Finger of Death now defaults to 75% damage instead of 125%. It’s still a colossally bad idea to use it, especially if you are playing DiD, because enemies have lots of health, usually considerably more than you do, and trying to combo it with Tree Rings is a good way to get yourself killed due to fortify health falloff. You won’t be able to finger sabrecats or spiders for a very long time.

Dust to Dust now instantly kills undead regardless of health. Sunburst already pretty much does this by virtue of doing a truckload of damage, so there’s no need for a master level spell to have conditions on top of that.

Circle of Death now kills humans beneath 50% health.

Godform now only works while the caster’s health is full instead of slowly tapering off towards 50%, and has magnitude reduced by 60%.

Re-added Resurrection to leveled lists. If you really want to spend a Daedra Heart this way go right ahead.


Many overly-cheap books are more expensive.

Balanced staves and scrolls a bit, hopefully.

Made Apocalypse’s modified perks work with AZ tweaks modified perks. Hopefully the perk-learned spells aren’t too cluttered; some of the old Requiem spells have been removed from the level up trees in favor of Apoc ones. I tried to remove the more useless ones that you don’t want immediately, or ones that are less generally useful, like Mage Shield or Dispel Soul Gems. You’ll have to find books of those if you want those spells.

Potential to do list:

-Add some spells to NPCs (will need to see which mods change what with the leveled lists to ensure compatibility and how well NPCs play with certain spells first)

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