Requiem – Classic Alchemy Overhaul and Classic Food and Drink – Hunterborn Patch

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Requires both

Requiem – Classic Alchemy Overhaul


Requiem – Classic Food and Drink

Apologies to any users who may only happen to use one or the other – it’s too much work for me to maintain separate patches, and I think there’s no reason to not use these two mods together anyway!

This patch works under the assumption that you will always use Hunterborn’s interface to interact with animal carcasses and never use the “Manual Loot” option (I mean, I can’t stop you, but if you do you may end up with “redundant” meat and hearts that can’t be used in the intended recipes).

All food added by Hunterborn now gives stat boosts that follow SNBCJ’s system.

Classic Food and Drink’s bestial stews take the respective animal hearts from Hunterborn, not Requiem.

Classic Alchemy Overhaul’s Extract of Saber Cat Heart and Extract of Mammoth Heart (required for certain Alchemy perks) require the respective animal hearts from Hunterborn, not Requiem.

Requiem’s “Raw Meat” and “Cooked Meat” have been effectively removed from the game (in vendor and loot lists, etc.), for consistency. In their place you should find relevant selections of Hunterborn game meats. 

There are two versions of the patch.

One is the plain version, containing only an .esp file.

The second is the “fancy” version, which applies unique textures to the various Hunterborn stews.

Recommended if you use mesh/texture replacers for food (like this or this).

SMIM is a soft requirement (i.e., the textures are designed for SMIM meshes, and may look off without them).

A big thanks and credit to:

Xarrian, Ogerboss, and the Requiem Team, for making Skyrim the role-playing game it always should have been.

SNBCJ for his series of awesome Requiem overhauls and addons, keeping the classic Requiem dream alive.

Dragonsong and Unuroboros for Hunterborn.

and Quilb for his soup texture modder resources, and other excellent retextures.

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